KIND WORDS FROM happy brides

Thank you so much for all your planning and coordinating help. We could not have done this without you. You have been a constant support that we always felt we could call on when we needed it. We are so glad we found you!

– Kyle & Alison W.

Hi!  My name is Susan.  I was invited to this wedding of a friend of mine.  I've been to my fair share of weddings, but this was by far the best I had been to.  Everything flowed at a smooth pace.  I never felt starving waiting for food or bored waiting for the next event.  I complimented the bride afterward and found out that she had Andi Compton as her day-coordinator.  Well, I kept Andi in mind when my wedding came around and surprise!  People said the same thing about my wedding!  I am so thankful for her experience and expertise.  She was able to help me make a timeline for the day and come up with creative ideas as well as fight the fires that inevitably come with anyone's big day.  I am so thankful for her help, and I definitely can't imagine having done it without her!  

– Susan G., Fallbrook

Andi was our day of wedding coordinator and we can't begin to say how valuable she was. Everything ran perfectly smooth and right on schedule. We didn't have to think of anything and were able to just enjoy our day thanks to her amazing work. We highly recommend her if you want a seamless day coordinated by a kind and loving wedding expert."
 – Robyn & Eric M., Huntington Beach, CA

My husband and I got married June 8, 2013, and we used Andi as our wedding planner. Andi helped us every step of the way- from meeting with the florist to determine colors and flowers all the way to designing our invitations! Andi helped us create our timeline, explained how to handle our vendors, and gave us suggestions on where to find the items needed for our wedding. The day before the wedding, Andi took all of our information and all the decor items from me and said, "From here on out, just relax; I'll handle it all!" Andi handled every detail on the day of our wedding, and it is entirely because of her that our wedding went so smoothly. Our vendors made multiple mistakes, but Andi was right there to fix them before they became obvious to our guests. Andi brought items that we needed for the day of our wedding that I hadn't ever thought of (we had Mad Libs at each seat, but hadn't thought of where our guests would put them! Andi had already thought of it and had brought a big jar to put them in, along with a sign that she had designed to go with it), ensured that all of our vendors were doing their tasks at the appropriate times, and even had all of our wedding decor/ items sent to our room when the wedding was over! She thought of absolutely everything, and her delivery of each task was flawless. She was with us the entire day, from approximately 8am all the way untilmidnight, and she never stopped. We can't thank her enough for all that she did for our wedding day!! We have referred her to multiple other couples, and they have all had the same level of satisfaction. Thank you, Andi, for making our wedding day perfect! !” 

– Jenna K., San Diego

"I credit Andi with practically saving our wedding.  She was extremely helpful, and her wisdom and expertise came in handy even before the wedding and reception when she brought up questions to ask the hotel staff that we hadn't thought about.  It put my mind at ease to have Andi coordinating the timing for our wedding reception.  We have also received a lot of compliments from guests who said that our wedding and reception went extraordinarily smoothly and with just the right atmosphere.  We owe that to Andi's help and coordination.  Having Andi there to coordinate really freed us up to enjoy our wedding reception. Five star service (out of five stars:) ) "

– Natalie J., Irvine